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upcoming PTA Meetings



2021-2022 Meeting Schedule:

Executive Board Meetings:

August 12, 2021- 9:00 AM

*  September 9, 2021- 9:00 AM

*  October 7, 2021- 9:00 AM

*  November 4, 2021- 9:00 AM

*  December 9, 2021 -9:00 AM

*  January 13, 2022- 9:00 AM

*  February 10. 2022- 9:00 AM

*  March 10, 2022- 9:00 AM

*  April 14, 2022 -9:00 AM

*  May 5, 2022 -9:00 AM


Association Meeting Schedule

*  September 23, 2021 - 9:30 AM

* November 18, 2021 - 9:30 AM

*  January 27, 2022 -9:30 AM

*  March 31, 2022 - 9:30 AM

*  May 19, 2022 - 9:30 AM



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PTA Member Benefits

As a member of California State PTA, you advocate for children, promote parent and family involvement in schools, and improve the lives of all children and families. Here are a few extra perks of membership available exclusively to PTA members like you!  


Thank you for your donation to the Los Cerros Middle School PTA! You are helping improve the lives of our children and our community. If the PTA receives more funds than are needed for a particular project or event, or if there is an area of greater need, the PTA may reallocate donations to provide the best support and care to our children, parents, and teachers. Thank you for your support!


Member Perks

Full benefit details are available at  PTA &


***Member Cards are available in the Los Cerros Office



Please use this link to read the SRV Council PTA

Statement on Inclusive Event Planning


Social Media

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  • Facebook: Los Cerros Middle School PTA
  • Instagram: @lcms_pta
  • Twitter: @LCMS_PTA

2021-22 PTA

Executive Board

President- Nitin Patil

Executive VP- 

Treasurer/Financial Secretary-

Jessica Nothmann

Secretary- Nichole Hsu

Membership- Laura Baldwin

Communications VP- Michelle Erikson




Committee Chairs

Basket Brigade- Nichole Hsu

Diversity -

Education - Laura Beaver

Fundraising- Shraddha Patil

Health and Wellness- 


Legislature- Aliza  Grosh

Parent Education-

Promotion Ceremony- 

Promotion Party- 

Red Ribbon Week - 


Run for Education- 

Sister School- Lisa Paine

Special Needs- 

Staff Appreciation- Mary Peart & Elizabeth Weiss