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Panther Press

March 9, 2020

Panther Press

2015 California Gold Ribbon School
968 Blemer Rd   Danville CA 94526   925-855-6800 

Andy Briggs, Principal

Allison Mulliken, Assistant Principal


Support LCMS PTA

Recycle Smartphones, cell phones, tablets, IPads, IPods, Kindles and Macbooks.  These items can be dropped off at the front office.


CJSF Meeting

Your volunteer sheet is due Friday, April 24th.  Turn in your volunteer sheet at lunch to Mrs. Klopstock in the MPR.

Towels for ARF are due by April 24th  Turn in your towels to Mrs. Klopstock at the beginning of your PE class.


Tdap Requirment


This is a reminder that all 7th grade students must have proof of T-dap immunization submitted before your student begins school.  Please bring T-dap proof ASAP to avoid the rush in August.

AB354 Requires Tdap Shot for 7th Graders

For the 2020-2021 school year all students entering, advancing or transferring into 7th grade will need proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster immunization (called "Tdap") for school in the fall.  Every doctor's office has a simple form ready to complete and can be faxed directly to the LCMS office at 925-837-3512.  This requirement applies to all public and private schools.  The new requirement was signed into law in 2010.

The Tdap requirement affects all incoming 7th grade students in California, so it's important to avoid the back-to-school rush and to get children vaccinated now.  Tell other parents with children in the 6th grade about the requirement and encourage them to schedule the shot early, before summer.  If your child has already received this vaccination, please send in the documentation NOW and do not wait until summer or the start of the school year.  We are requesting all documentation to be turned in BEFORE August 4, 2020 so that there is ample time to input all of the information.  You may also scan the document and send it to either Christina Grabowsky or to Anju Lashkari, School Nurse at LCMS at their email addresses given below.

The California Department of Public Health and the California Department of Education have been working collaboratively on this important measure.  Information on the new Tdap requirement, including information on where to get free or low cost vaccines, forms and FAQs are available.

Please email Christina Grabowsky with any questions at 925-855-6810 or Anju Lashkari, RN, C-PNP at

Thank you for your attention in this very important matter.


Los Cerros Talent Show

After a couple of last minute performers were added, the show will run longer than Access Period.  To compensate for this, we will be having two shows, one during Access on Thursday 3/12 and one after school ( as as originally planned) that same day starting at 6:00pm  The longer show should be about 45 minutes long.

The Access performance will act as our Dress Rehearsal, and those last two performers will be stage hands to accommodate for time.


TRRFCC Students of the Week:

Los Cerros staff members have been asked to submit names of students to be considered for TRRFCC Students of the Week.  This determination is based on demonstration of character as it relates to our Six Pillars - Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Respect, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

We are proud to announce that the following students have demonstrated Panther Pride by exemplifying the characteristic of:


Solomon Nothmann, Abigail Buttery- 6th grade

Tarek Freeding-Aryan Pure, Ryker Craig - 7th grade

Jordan Ho, Isabella Pierotti - 8th grade



Coffee Pods

Thank you to everyone who is still sending in their used coffee pods!  We will be collecting them until the end of the year.  Please send to Room 8, Mrs. Chivers.

We would also appreciate donations of Kleenex.  Thank you!


After School Sports

Dodgeball (Grades 6-8) -February 24th - April 20th

Team informational Meeting:  Monday, February 24th after school in the gym.


Practices/Games (Tuesdays and Thursdays) 

March 3rd - April 20th

March 3,5,10,12,17,24,26,31 April 2,14,16



Los Cerros Boosters


2019-2020 Booster Donations

Families interested in donating now to support lower class sizes in 2019-20 can now contribute to: FutureFund Store.  Your support early allows the school to better plan classes for next year.

What does Los Cerros Academic Boosters do with your donation?

Working with the principal, we provide funds to purchase extra class sections.  A section is defined as one class taught during one period. The more classes we offer, the more scheduling options there are for students, thereby reducing average class sizes in all classes at Los Cerros.  Mr. Powell strategically engineers the schedule so that class size is reduced most in our academic subjects, including Core, Math, and Science.

How much do we need to raise?

In 2018-19, the Boosters fund provided 9 class sections and LCMS families raised over $185,000, allowing class size to be reduced by an average of 15%. Currently, Boosters has committed to funding 9 class sections again for the 2019-20 school year. We can meet this goal if more families contribute – our goal is 100% participation.  

The more money we raise, the more class sections we can fund, and the more we reduce our average class size.  It’s that simple!  With your participation now, we can commit to the funding that supports our Distinguished California School.

How can I help?

Please make a tax-deductible donation online via Future Fund.  You can also donate via check payable to The Los Cerros Academic Boosters, Tax ID #68-0473831.  Please mail your check along with the enclosed form to Los Cerros, 968 Blemer Road, Danville 94526.

  • We suggest $525 per student or $950 per family.  Our goal is 100% participation by our families at any monetary level.  Any donation is appreciated and welcomed!
  • Please become a Super Booster! Donate $625 per student or $1050 per family, and you will be invited to attend a special thank you evening with Mr. Powell in the fall, hosted by Boosters.
  • Please remember to check with your employer regarding corporate matching.  You may be able to double your donation!

Matching Funds and Volunteer Grants

Double your Donation with your employers Matching Gifts Program.  Find out more about your employer's program, including information, forms, and contacts. 

Double Your Donation

Have questions? Contact

IMPORTANT: Always search for our school using our Tax ID #68-0473831 


LCMS Spirit Wear is available through Amazon.  Please click link to order.


Shopping online this holiday season?  Support Los Cerros PTA by shopping Amazon Smile!  A portion of every purchase will be donated to LCMS PTA when you use this link.


PTA Member Benefits

As a member of California State PTA, you advocate for children, promote parent and family involvement in schools, and improve the lives of all children and families. Here are a few extra perks of membership available exclusively to PTA members like you!  


Thank you for your donation to the Los Cerros Middle School PTA! You are helping improve the lives of our children and our community. If the PTA receives more funds than are needed for a particular project or event, or if there is an area of greater need, the PTA may reallocate donations to provide the best support and care to our children, parents, and teachers. Thank you for your support!

PTA Member Perks

Full benefit details are available at PTA & California State PTA

***Member Cards are available in the Los Cerros Office


PTA Social Media

LCMS PTA is on social media!  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay in touch.

  • Facebook: Los Cerros Middle School PTA
  • Instagram: @lcms_pta
  • Twitter: @LCMS_PTA





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