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Principal's January Message
Posted 1/10/19

Student/Parent/Staff Information Night

Monday, January 28th at 6:30 PM

Los Cerros MPR


Los Cerros welcomes parents, students and staff to come and explore a proposed new bell schedule for the 2019/2020 school year. Please click here to read more about it.



January 10, 2019


Dear Los Cerros Families,


Welcome to the Second Semester! I hope everyone had a restful and joyous winter vacation. During the second semester, we elevate standards, expectations and accountability to help prepare students for moving to the next grade. It is very important that students start the semester being attentive, proactive and completing their work authentically. Parents, we ask that you check in with your student regarding their planner and assignments, help them study for tests ahead of time and encourage healthy eating and exercise.


The weather has turned and I would like to remind families of some of the safety tips around campus. First, students should always walk between classes and to lunch. Second, remind your students to be aware of puddles and use caution when opening doors. Also, for parents, when dropping or picking students up, please stay out of the bus lanes 10-15 minutes before school and up to 10 minutes after school. The bus lane consists of the curb from the trash area all the way to the bike rack.


Students will be participating in the Interim Assessments throughout the spring semester. The Interim Assessments will help students see and understand the CAASPP questions, provide valuable feedback to teachers about where our students are with curriculum and help guide our instruction through the end of the school year. We look forward to continued improvement and success on CAASPP. Our new school report card can be seen through the California Dashboard. You can visit the Dashboard by going to and type in Los Cerros. Students and Faculty have worked very hard the last few years giving Los Cerros significant gains in scores.


School attendance is very important. One of our district goals for second semester is to have every student miss one less day than first semester. For example, if your student miss three days in the fall, we are asking for your student to not miss more than two days in the spring. Remember, every school day brings new concepts and information.


What’s Happening Around Campus


6th grade Science:

Have you ever counted how much plastic surrounds you on a daily basis?  Well, the 6th graders have and the amount is out of this world.  During our plastic footprint unit, students have been identifying the problem with plastic in our waterways, specifically looking at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  We then learned about different solutions to this problem and students then created their own solutions.  It has been an incredibly eye opening journey!  Special thanks to Ms. Carter and the school community for helping with our K-cup recycling day - we collected over 1000 k-cups!  Students will now be moving onto studying the atmosphere and how weather is created.



7th grade Science:

Johnson Science 7: Students are wrapping up a study of the energy transfer in Ecosystems by focusing on the Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles. We have enjoyed playing the Carbon Cycle game and are looking forward to our Nitrogen Cycle narrative. Later this month we will be exploring the processes that drive the Earth’s Rock Cycle.



Student are starting this semester in Forensics by learning about evidence collection and crime scene investigation procedures. Students will explore the Bill of Rights by being given a choice of which rights are most important to them, and then imagining a world in which the other rights were removed. At the end of the month we will begin our Evidence Collection unit.


Core 6:

6th Grade Core is finishing our unit on Egypt and Kush. The ancient Hebrews are next!  Students will begin Interim Assessments for CAASPP testing in the next few weeks. Our next writing unit will be on Informational Writing.


Core 7:

Garrahan/Walsh: We will be embarking on the Hero's Journey by reading Beowulf.  The focus will be traditional archetypes and figurative language.


Mrs. Holden's class will be going to the library working with Ms. Carter on books that focus on the social issue of Refugees.  There will be many reading strategies explored in this unit.


In History, we travel south to Africa studying barter economics with the gold/salt trade and exploring Africa art and music traditions.


Core 8:

In Core 8, students will be continuing their argumentative writing with a new unit based on teen issues. Students will be researching a variety of problems that affect the current generation of teenagers and sharing their findings in a paper with the goal of persuading readers to take action. Students will be building upon the basics of argument writing they learned last semester to craft more sophisticated and convincing arguments. In History, students will be learning about American Government, including the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Students will analyze the decisions made by the Founding Fathers by noticing cause/consequence trends.



Vision Board lessons T/TH in 8th grade core.



It's badminton season in Mr. Briemle's class!



6th grade science is wrapping up their plastics unit in the library. We will be taking a day to properly recycle and dispose of the k-cups that we have collected over the past month! Mrs. Holden's class is in the library next for our 7th grade refugee literature circle unit. Blind Date with a Book is coming soon, so keep your eyes out for some wrapped books!





Evan Powell


Los Cerros Middle School