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Safe School Corner


Safe, Secure & Successful!!

At Los Cerros Middle School, we make every effort to ensure that students feel safe, secure and successful at school. 

Each year we survey our students to improve our supervision as well as seek feedback on our current programs.  Some of our students have shared what they can do to stop bullying at Los Cerros:

  • “Stick up for other people and stand by them. Show them that they have someone to talk to.” – 7th Grade Girl

  • “Students can help prevent students from being bullied by standing up for them and doing what's right or making them feel good about themselves.” – 6th Grade Girl

  • “Tell a teacher and speak up.” – 7th Grade Boy

  • “Students can help other students from being bullied by letting teachers know if they see someone being bullied.” – 7th Grade Girl

All students, employees, parents and community members should report incidents of suspected bullying immediately to Mr. Powell ( or Ms. Mulliken (  An investigation will be conducted to determine if bullying occurred and the corrective action needed.