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2. Day 1 Reflection



Rich Abers


Hi. My name is Rich Abers, and it's great to be teaching here at Los Cerros.  The 7th grade curriculum in science is very exciting and fun. During the year, we will be doing many hands-on activities to learn about all the fascinating things in science.


I look forward to making science a learning experience that students will remember long past their middle school years.  



Teaching at Los Cerros

Before my switch to teaching, I spent many years in the business world, primarily in marketing and sales. During that time, I always had a strong yearning to be a teacher. Several years ago, I made the change to begin my teaching career and am very glad I did. I've been teaching science at Los Cerros since 2008.


The community at Los Cerros is outstanding.  The students are inquisitive, smart, respectful, and have positive attitudes.  I believe all students have the ability to reach their full potential by being motivated to do their best. This is my primary goal - to provide a positive, supportive classroom for all students to learn.  And of course, the learning should be fun!  A good sense of humor, and the ability to see the lighter side of life is a big plus.






A Little About Me

1. I'm a really big Chicago Blackhawks hockey fan (sorry shark supporters); sometimes, I can be a bit obnoxious about it (but in a polite way - at least some of the time)

2. You can find me hiking and cycling around the tri-valley area

3. I love languages: am semi-fluent in french, know some german, and am working on spanish

4. Cooking is a passion of mine

5. I'm a single Dad of two sons that went to school in Danville

6. I enjoy tennis and golf - wish I could play both more often

7. It is my belief that dark chocolate should be eaten every day

8. I love to travel - next stops are France, Spain, Portugal, and Central/South America


Online Textbook (NOT valid for 2018/19)

To access any of the three textbooks for science (Earth = orange; Green = Life; Purple = Physical), use:

Username = lcms_678

Password = panther678


Select the orange "ENTER" button for Returning Users

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