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Kelly Holden

Welcome back to LCMS!

I'm really looking forward to the 2015-2016 year with you, and seeing all of your smiling faces and hearing all about your summer adventures!

About Me

Hi!  I'm Kelly Holden, and I'm married and have two children:  A son in high school, at Cal; and a daughter in middle school, at Pine Valley.  I've got two pets:  A Rhodesian Ridgeback dog named Ruby; and a Rag Doll cat named Diamond.  In my free time, I love to workout at the gym (Okay, I don't love to workout, let's be honest; however, I do enjoy being physically fit.), snow ski, camp with my family, travel, watch my kids' sports games, attend concerts & movies, listen to music, read, cook, and bake.

I am going into my 4th year of teaching, which is hard to believe, already!  Prior to that, I subbed for a couple of years while working on my teaching credential, and stayed at home with my kids for nine years prior to that.  Before staying at home, I worked in tech. support and computer programming.  I earned my Bachelor's degree at UNLV and my teaching credential at Chapman College (now Brandman College in Walnut Creek). I decided to become a teacher when I volunteered in my son's kindergarten class, where I fell in love with working in the classroom.  I had taught adults in the computer field, but now l had discovered a new calling, to work with and teach children, so I decided that once both of my children were in school full-time that I would go back to school to become a teacher.  And I have been loving it ever since!

So far, I have spent my entire (short) teaching career here at Los Cerros, and am loving it.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching here because the students and their families are so great and so caring; the students are so much fun and I love to be silly with them; and I just love working with this staff as they have been warm and welcoming and collaborative always. In fact, I love it so much here that I hope to retire from here!





Mrs. Holden
Mrs. Holden