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How to Contact Me...

Please email me at Email is the best way to contact me since I check it often. I am also available to meet with you before or after school when needed.  To reach me by phone please call 925-855-6840.

Christine Tyler

About Me...

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein


I love teaching, connecting with children and parents as well as working with other staff members to ensure the success of all my students. I have a great time in my classroom and I find a way, everyday, to make each lesson fun and interesting. I want every one of my students to be fascinated by science and inspire them to want to know more.  Through enthusiasm, caring and dedication, I will create a positive learning environment for all my students.  Science can and will inspire them to reach for the stars.  


I believe in their infinite potential to learn and grow as individuals.  My students are my top priority and I will try to convey this to them in my methods of teaching, passion for the subject and the time I devote to teaching.  I have high expectations of my students and will spend the time to help every student be successful in my classroom.  I am glad to satisfy their curiosity and genuinely like to be with my students.  For me, the ultimate success comes not at the end of the semester when I count A’s, but when a student asks me a great question about the world around them. 


I have been teaching science in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District for over 10 years.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Geology from California State University, Sacramento and have worked in both the private and public sectors as a Geologist for over eight years.  I also have a Masters of Science Education Technology Leadership from California State University, East Bay.  More information about my life as a scientist can be found on my linkedin profile.


10 Things you should know about me:

1. I laugh everyday. 

2. I grew up in Alaska and spend every summer with my family fishing, kayaking and hiking on glaciers.  

3. I am a professional reader and edit/review books for fun. I have read over 350 new release books last year and always have a book on deck. 

4. I have even helped to develop several video games used to teach science in the classroom and beyond.

5. I can program in 5 different computer languages... yep true geek through and through but very proud of it! 

6. I am the mom of two very active boys.

7. I have a learning disability and was a resource student my entire academic career.

8. I love snow skiing and have been doing it since I could walk.  Someday, I would love to participate in Arctic Man.

9. I have a sweet tooth and carmel apples from Danville Chocolates are my favorite.  Especially with a good cup of coffee.

10. My dream vacation would be to zipline in New Zealand or hike to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Donors Choose Grant

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 7.32.39 PM.png

Classroom Chromebooks for Science   

My students need Chromebooks to plan, design and build innovative projects around campus repurposing plastic water bottles and aluminum cans thrown away during lunch to teach their peers how to make changes to reduce waste.


Imagine going into work tomorrow and having to check your email, calendar, read reports, research solutions, or submit proposals in order to get your job done while having to share your computer with 6 other coworkers or relying on your phone as the only means to the internet to write your next report. In the business world, this would never happen and yet it is happening in education. Science is not taught in a textbook. I need your help to fund chromebooks for my students to use in Science.