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Music Suggestions

Do you have music suggestions that you would like to see us play? Here is the link to the google form so that you can share your ideas with me!



Lindsey Ferreira

Who is Mrs. Ferreira?

Welcome to my webpage!


Mrs. Ferreira has been teaching music in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District since 2010. She has taught all over the district at elementary, middle school and high school and is currently at Los Cerros Middle School teaching Instrumental and Vocal music, as well as Drama. Lindsey Ferreira graduated from Pine Valley and California High School, and then went on to study music at Fresno State. Mrs. Ferreira holds her BA in Music as a Liberal Art. Mrs. Ferreira is on the Board of the California Music Educators Association, Bay Section as the Webmaster. Aside from teaching, Mrs. Ferreira loves coffee, reading, crafting, and spending quality time with her family. 


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