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Band 6

Cadet Band Locker
1/18/18 9:22 AM
8/7/17 9:45 AM
12/20/17 10:42 AM

Extra Credit Concert Report

If you attend a music concert outside of our school concerts, you can earn extra credit (up to 2 concerts per semester) If you attended more than 2 concerts you are welcome to write and turn in more. Only the top two scores will be counted.


Here's how:


Bring a concert program or ticket, signed by a performer when possible. 


Attach the program/ ticket to a 1 page typed concert reflection. Use 12 pt. font, with 1 inch margins, single spaced. In this paper, included the following four paragraphs. Be sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and complete sentences. Credit will be given based on the content as well as the quality of the writing.   


Paragraph #1 - Who did you see and where? What did the performance look and / or feel like? Please explain.


Paragraph #2 - What was your favorite part about the performance? Please explain.


Paragraph #3 - What was your least favorite part of the performance? Please explain.


Paragraph #4 - Conclusion; What was your overall opinion of the performance? Please explain.

Cadet Band Calendar
Band 6

MVHS Area Band Festival

Assigned: 08/13/18 Category: Performance Points: 100 Due: 03/27/19

LCMS Spring Concert

Assigned: 08/13/18 Category: Performance Points: 100 Due: 05/16/19

Concert Reflection

Use complete sentences and be thorough and thoughtful in your responses.
Assigned: 12/13/18 Category: Assignment Points: 50 Due: 12/14/18

Required Materials

All students are required to bring their own instruments, books, and supplies (including music and a pencil) to every class. The school has a limited selection of instruments for loan, and local music stores have most instruments for rent or purchase. There will be materials checks throughout the year so please be sure you are prepared at all times. Points will be deducted from daily participation points for not having necessary supplies. Please be sure to have all supplies by Friday, Aug. 25th.


Students in all classes will need: