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LCMS Spring Concert

Attendance: Contact me in writing (email is preferred) with any potential problems as early as possible so that we can find a solution. A minimum of 3 weeks notice from a parent or guardian (in writing) before our performance is necessary to be considered for an excused absence with an alternate assignment. Notification of a missed performance does not guarantee an excused absence. In the event of an emergency, please notify me in writing as soon as possible. Excused absences include but are not limited to the following: family emergencies or severe illness, etc. No make up assignments will be given for unexcused performances. Attire Performances give the students a chance to showcase their hard work and they must be dressed appropriately for each event. If you have any questions or concerns about concert attire, please contact Mrs. Ferreira as early as possible so that we can find a solution. Gentlemen must wear a bright white long sleeved, button up collared shirt, tie preferred, black slacks, black socks and black dress shoes - no jeans or tennis shoes. Ladies dress will be a black skirt and black tights (skirts knee length or longer) or pants, a bright white dress shirt, and black dress shoes - no jeans, leggings or tennis shoes. **School dress code must be followed. Students not in proper attire may be asked not to perform or points may be taken off for inappropriate attire. Performance Etiquette: All students are expected to demonstrate correct concert etiquette during all performances. It is also strongly encouraged that all parents/guardians practice the same etiquette to show respect for their students. Performers will enter and exit the stage in an orderly manner. Performers will act professionally both on stage and off Audience members should not get up during a performance. Please do not clap between movements. Audience members may not enter or exit during a performance. Please wait for the applause. Please refrain from talking, and all forms of electronic beeping as it is disrespectful to the performers

Assigned: 08/13/18 Category: Performance Points: 100 Due: 05/16/19
LCMS Music Calendar
Choir Locker
5/1/18 2:28 PM
Choir Locker
5/1/18 2:28 PM

How to get EXTRA CREDIT!

If you attend a music concert outside of our school concerts, you can earn extra credit (up to 2 concerts per semester) If you attended more than 2 concerts you are welcome to write and turn in more. Only the top two scores will be counted.


Here's how:


Bring a concert program or ticket, signed by a performer when possible. 


Attach the program/ ticket to a 1 page typed concert reflection. Use 12 pt. font, with 1 inch margins, single spaced. In this paper, included the following four paragraphs. Be sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and complete sentences. Credit will be given based on the content as well as the quality of the writing.   


Paragraph #1 - Who did you see and where? What did the performance look and / or feel like? Please explain.


Paragraph #2 - What was your favorite part about the performance? Please explain.


Paragraph #3 - What was your least favorite part of the performance? Please explain.


Paragraph #4 - Conclusion; What was your overall opinion of the performance? Please explain.