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Rae Anne Crandall

A Few Words About Grades and Mastery Learning

Mastery Learning involves students working at their own pace to demonstrate mastery of a concept, standard or process.  Some students will be able to demonstrate mastery more quickly than other students.  Further, some students may need to "resubmit" assignments, programs, or projects with corrections or additions if they do not demonstrate mastery when they first submitted their work.  Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 times.

This is OK.  We learn at different rates. There is no penalty for resubmitting.  Once a student demonstrates mastery, they get full credit and move on to the next assignment.

But this makes publishing grade marks challenging, and what does it really mean?

I use the Haiku as the Learning Management System. The focus is on the learning. I put elaborate feedback on assignments. I have grade marks there.  I also publish grades to Infinite Campus as well but I find it to be a real challenge to give an accurate picture of what your student has mastered and what he or she should be working on.  A 50% on the assignment in the gradebook looks like an "F".  But it isn't!  It is something that your student has not mastered yet.

As your student to see the Haiku site. The links are found below.  You are welcome to look at grades in Infinite Campus  but please keep in mind, the grade is a slice in time and changes frequently.  You will have a much more accurate picture of your student's learning by using the Haiku sites.


Rae Anne Crandall

Links to Haiku Classroom Spaces

We are using Haiku Learning for our virtual classroom space.  Lessons and texts can be found on the sites.  They require a log in. Students should log in to the Google Drive, click on the Google Drive, then select "Haiku Learning" from the Apps Pallet.

Computer Projects  Computer programing in Ch using ChIDE.  We will work with microprocessors to program LEDs to blink, twinkle and fade.

Tech Arts Challenge based learning at its best. Students are challenged to build domes, bridges, towers and more.

Robotics Working with Lego Mindstrom NXT robots and programming, robotics blends the engineering of building bots with computer programming to make those bots perform tasks

Introduction to Tech This six week class introduces 6th grade students to a variety of technologies including robotics, programming and engineering.


Mrs. Crandall
Mrs. Crandall


In an effort to bring rich technology projects to our school, I have applied for several grants.  Here are a few of them:

Donors Choose- Making Coding Accessible For All

Adopt a Classroom