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Natalie Lang Locker
8/19/18 4:43 PM

Natalie Lang

Building Writing Skills

No Red Ink- Students log in through Clever and practice writing skills



Building Math Fluency

ALEKS- Some students have username and password for this website. This is a great site to go over basic math skills or concepts that students do not understand in class. 


IXL- A great website to build math fluency (also includes ELA topics).


Khan Academy- This website provides videos based on units and Common Core Standards for all grade levels. 


**Basic multiplication, addition, and subtraction flash cards are a GREAT tool for students to build automaticity. Knowing facts more easily will allow students to focus more on the calculations of algebraic equations and less on the simple arithmetic that each calls for.  Going through the deck two or three times a night would be beneficial. 



Building Comprehension Skills
  • Listening to audiobooks with your student in the car is a great opportunity to allow for comprehension checks and deeper conversations about books (Examples: "Why do you think ... happened?" or  "What do you think is going to happen next?")