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Industrial Technology

Course Descriptions

Advanced Tech I - Semester

Grades: 7-8
This school-to-career class is designed to give seventh and eighth grade students a broad exposure to current and emerging technologies and careers. Because of the wide variety of hands-on, project-based modules to choose from, this class has appeal for both boys and girls. Students will rotate through various projects throughout the semester. Examples of possible modules may include: digital photography, robotics/Lego Mindstorms, claymation, engineering, plastics, and CNC mill, Forensics/CSI.
Schools: GR IH LC PV


Computer Science – Semester

Grades: 7-8

Students will explore algorithmic thinking in this hands-on coding course. Using an iterative approach to solving problems and testing ideas, students will learn program design, control structures, functions, loops, data structures and algorithms. Students will learn to use computer programming for creativity as well as for solving problems in a fun, project based environment. Schools: DV GR IH LC SV


Robotics (Advanced Tech II) - Semester
Grades: 7-8
This class will explore the exciting field of robotics. This program focuses on applied inquiry, motivated design, communications, technology, scanning, mapping, and more. Students will be able to experience the hands-on program while progressing through activities designed to teach programming, behaviors, systems, control sensors, and feedback. They will also address key technology and science standards.


Forensic Science

Grades: 7-8

In this class, emphasis is on understanding the underlying scientific theories of forensic science, with special emphasis on investigating skills such as hair analysis, DNA fingerprinting, and the casting of bite, tire, and shoe prints. The course will also feature guest speakers and the use of biotechnology equipment such as electrophoresis chambers.