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Other Electives

Course Descriptions

Leadership - Yearlong (By application only)
Grades: 7-8
Leadership engages in specific school and community activities related to spirit and service. These activities offer opportunities for the student to display and exercise skills of leadership, teamwork, networking, self-evaluation, responsibility and accountability. In addition, leadership students learn the basic concepts of accounting and presentation skills. Emphasis is placed on fostering ethics and self-esteem within the class, as well as the school and community. Leadership is responsible for student body funds, dances, spirit days, and community public relations activities. Leadership representatives sit on various groups and councils. Application required.


Publications/Yearbook - Yearlong (By application only)
Grades: 7-8
The focus of this year long elective course is the production of the school yearbook. The class is open to students who complete an application process. The student staff is responsible for all aspects of the yearbook, including writing, photography, layouts, production, and distribution. Producing the yearbook involves careful planning, teamwork, writing, digital photography, and use of advanced technology. When the yearbook is completed, spring publications projects may include school calendar, photography techniques, movies, and various projects extending publication expertise. Homework is not regularly assigned, although students work under pressure of deadlines and must be able to work independently and as a team.


Teacher/Office/Media/Peer Support Aide
Grades: 8
Students work in the classroom or office to assist teachers or office staff in various duties. See each school site for specific descriptions and requirements.