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8th Grade

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2021-2022 Course Registration

Monte Vista High School 2021-22

Infinite Campus Online Course Registration Instructions


Log in to the Infinite Campus Student/Parent Portal

If you experience any problems logging in, please contact the Tech Support Department at

  1. Enter your user name and password.

User name Middle Login (lc.jsmith or dv.jsmith or sv.jsmith)

Password: Your middle school log-in password (example:student ID number, use: ID#000000)

Click Log in. This will bring you to the main portal page.

  1. On the left hand side of the screen, under student name, click Registration: 21-22.
  2. All 9th graders will automatically be placed in the following courses:
  • English 9, World Geography and Cultures / Health, PE 9, Biology
  1. Click Course Search at the top next to 20-21 Monte Vista High School.
  2. Search by will appear, enter a course by name (reference the Course Offerings sheet) – Click Go”.
  3. The course will appear on the right side of the screen, if this is the correct course, click on it.
  4. The course will then appear on the bottom of the screen followed by 2 boxes “Request this Course” and “Request as an Alternate” select one. (maximize full computer screen to see the appropriate boxes)
  5. Repeat number 4-7 for your Top 6 Classes. Selections must match your Course Request Form. 
  6. If you DO NOT want 7 classes select - Unscheduled A (no A period) or Unscheduled 6 (no 6th period). If you DO WANT a 7th class, go to repeat the “Search” and “Request this Course”.
  7. Please select TWO alternate courses in the event your first requests are unavailable.
  8.  Upon selection each course should appear in the list on the left of the screen under the appropriate category: Requested Courses OR Alternate Courses. After each course selection you need to click on “Course Search” and resume the process to select each course.
  9. If a course requires an audition, placement test or teacher recommendation you may select this course at this time.  We will receive final course roster from the specific teachers and will make adjustments as needed. Make sure you indicate your alternate choices in case you do not get into your 1st choice.
  10. Your selections will automatically save as you go through the steps listed above. If at any time during the scheduling window, 3/1-3/6, you decide to make a change, click on the course in your list that you want to change. “Drop This Request” will appear, click on “Drop This Request”. The course will be removed from your list, you may leave your list as is or return to the “Course Search” and make a new selection.
  11. Print a copy of the course selection for your records.
  12. Sign out of the portal when your registration is complete.
  13. Turn in your Completed and Signed Course selection form to your middle school on tbd. Be sure to check the box on the top of the Course Selection Sheet, noting that you have completed your on-line course selection. Make sure your parents sign the form.

Helpful Hint when it comes to course selections:  If you are having trouble finding a course in the on-line portal…try searching the first three letters of the course name…. The portal is very particular 

Current 7th Graders

Course selection sheets will be provided in March 2021.


Course selection sheets will be provided in March 2021.