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Academic Intervention

Los Cerros - Weekly Academic Assistance 2020-2021 (remote Learning

For Students:

Students should always email their teachers with questions or concerns

  • Library- The library is mostly virtual but in person once a week for curbside book pickup!  Students can put books on hold through the library catalog Friday - Wednesday for a pickup day on Thursday in front of the school between 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm.  Students can reach out to Ms. Carter for any research and /or book needs. One one-on-one assistance will also be available through student support time during units when library and classroom teachers collaborate.
  • Student support - Students may see any of their teachers during this time.  Students should check the individual teacher's google classroom for times and zoom/google meet codes.
  • Peer tutoring- Unavailable until further notice
  • Math help- math assistance is available: TBD

For parents:

  • Weekly academic monitoring
  • Schoolloop- parents and students may access grades, assignments and progress reports on line.
  • Weekly progress reports- Parents may request this form to be completed by each of the student's teachers on Friday and will provide the parent and student information regarding the student's current grade, work/study habits and in class behavior.
  • Planner- Students are to use the planner to record daily assignments as well as in/out of school activities. During remote learning, we recommend students continue to use their planner rather than relying on schoolloop or google classroom to track assignments.
  • Tutor list- Please click 1 or these links for no cost, available online peer tutoring provided outside of LCMS:
  • Wave Tutoring
    o Crementum (MVHS students)
    o MVHS tutoring

Other resources:

  • Individual academic monitoring by a LCMS Counselor. Please contact Mrs. Mahoney (phone/text 925-272-9639, 6th & 8th grades) or Mrs. Haynes (phone/text 925-268-8237)for more information.
  •  Mrs. Haynes & Mrs. Mahoney's google classrooms have informational brochures and video information to support students academically and socially/emotionally during this remote learning time.
  • Weekly Progress report. Please contact Mrs. Mahoney for more information.
  • The counseling office has informational brochures from several learning centers and academic support programs not affiliated with Los Cerros or the district. There is also a parent education bulletin board including a reading list and parenting classes offered.
7th grade calendar
7th grade calendar

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