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Academic Intervention

Los Cerros - Weekly Academic Assistance 2018-2019

For Students:

Students should check with their teacher for posted “office” hours

  • Library- The library is open M-F at 7:25am and after school until 3pm Wednesdays the library will open at 8:45am. The library is a place to work on homework, get book recommendations, check out library materials, use a computer, plus receive research or technology support.  Students visiting during class time should request a note from their teacher, plus lunch times are open to all students based on availability, check the library door for closures during lunch.  Students can request an access pass if they need to work on a group project and need extra time outside of class or for individual work. 
  • Peer tutoring- 7th and 8th grade students are available Mondays in the library from 2:30pm-3:15pm, by prior arrangement with Mrs. Mahoney. Tutors and tutees will be required to make a commitment for a semester.
  • Math help- math assistance is available: TBD

For parents:

  • Weekly academic monitoring
  • Schoolloop- parents and students may access grades, assignments and progress reports on line.
  • Weekly progress reports- students may pick up a contract/form from Mrs. Mahoney. The form is to be signed be each of the student’s teachers each Friday and will provide the parent and student information regarding the student’s current grade, work/study habits and in class behavior.
  • Planner- Students are to use the planner to record daily assignments as well as in/out of school activities. Upon arrangement, teachers/parents can sign off in the planner in order to communicate daily regarding completion of homework assignments.
  • Tutor list- should parents chose to pursue outside tutoring for their student, there is a binder located in the counseling office with local tutors as well as available Monte Vista students. Los Cerros does not promote/recommend specific tutors.


Other resources:

  • Individual academic monitoring by a LCMS Counselor. Please contact Mrs. Mahoney or Mrs. Haynes for more information.
  • ACCESS. Students may request a pass from any of their teachers to obtain additional support on T/TH.
  • Weekly Progress report. Please contact Mrs. Mahoney for more information.
  • The counseling office has informational brochures from several learning centers and academic support programs not affiliated with Los Cerros or the district. There is also a parent education bulletin board including a reading list and parenting classes offered.
7th grade calendar
7th grade calendar

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