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Basket Brigade Committee

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2021 Shopping List Link 

Pumpkin Bread Recipe


Basket Brigade



Shopping Cart


  • $20 Safeway Gift Cards

  • Canned Corn

  • Canned Green Beans

  • Canned Cranberry Sauce

  • Canned Turkey Gravy

  • Boxed Stuffing

  • Boxed Cornbread Mix

  • Chicken Broth


Basket Brigade


Each fall, the students, families and teachers of Los Cerros Middle School in Danville work together to accomplish a very special project called The Basket Brigade.  This project supplies all the fixins for a Thanksgiving meal and deliver to underprivileged families throughout the East Bay.  It is a wonderful way to help our children give back to their community.  The Friday before Thanksgiving, all 250 baskets will be delivered by our parents to local shelters for families suffering from domestic violence and homelessness and local organizations providing help to low-income families.  These shelters and organizations are located in Concord, Martinez and Livermore.  The majority of the contents of the food baskets are donated by Los Cerros families.  The produce is donated by a local produce wholesaler. Toiletries are donated by Las Trampas Inc, an organization that serves developmentally disabled adults.

In 2020, we were unable to donate our baskets due to Covid.  However, our Los Cerros community was still able to make donations totaling an amazing $7,650 that we divided out to five local non-profits who were so appreciative!  This year, we are hoping to return to our traditional basket donations.


~ Food Drive-  10/25-11/5 in the morning before school

 ~ Pumpkin Bread Drop-off- 11/15-11/18 in the morning before school

~ Produce Bagging- 11/17  2:30-3:30pm

 ~ Basket Assembly- 11/18  2:15-4:00pm

~ Basket Delivery- 11/19      9-10:30 am



The Basket Brigade Food Drive runs 10/25-11/5.  Look for the Basket Brigade collection carts as the students are arriving at school.  Please help by donating the following items.  See a printable shopping list in the documents section on the left.

  • $20 Safeway gift card
  • canned corn
  • canned green beans
  • chicken broth
  • canned turkey gravy
  • boxed stuffing mix
  • cornbread mix
  • cranberry sauce

We also need parent volunteers to help collect the Food Drive items each day.



We will need 250 loaves of pumpkin bread!   The recipe is in the documents section on the left, or use one of your own.  Bread can be baked ahead of time and frozen.  Your house will smell great!  Pumpkin Bread will be dropped off before school Monday November 15 through Thursday November 18.  We need volunteers to help collect the bread every morning.  Sign up here



The fresh produce for the baskets is donated by a local produce wholesaler, The Produce Exchange in Livermore.  The potatoes and carrots already come in bags but the celery, onions, apples and oranges must be put into plastic bags to be ready to go in the baskets the next day.  Students and parents are invited to help.  This will be Wednesday, November 17.  Sign up here



After school on Thursday, November 18, students and parents are invited to help with the basket assembly.  All the items are set up assembly line style in the MPR.  Students start at the beginning with an empty bag and go through the line, picking up one of each item.  This is a very fast and fun event! When finished, the MPR floor is covered with 250 loaded food bags.  We need parent volunteers to help with the setup of all the items on the assembly line and then supervising as the students go through the line.

Parent Volunteers to help with assembling link: Parent Volunteer Sign up.



On Friday morning, November 19, all 250 bags are delivered by parent volunteer drivers to the receiving shelters, food banks, and community service organizations in Livermore, Concord and Martinez (a list is in the documents section on the left).  We need parent drivers with cars that can hold about 10 - 15 large Costco size reusable bags.  It’s a great opportunity to see where our donations go.  

Parent Volunteers to help deliver bags link: Parent Volunteer Sign up.


Any questions?  Please reach out to Nichole Hsu -



Blythe Soria,

Heather Ninekirk,

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