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Volunteer Procedures

Effective October 15, all volunteers and vendors coming to our site to volunteer or work will need to show proof of vaccination or proof of negative test.   Proof of vaccination or proof of negative test is mandatory.  If we do not have proof of either, you will not be allowed to volunteer or come on campus. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.Online Application Process


SRVUSD Volunteer Management System


Proof of vaccination or proof of negative test is mandatory.  If we do not have proof in the system, you will not be allowed to volunteer or come on campus.



Questions? Contact:
Melissa Harber

(510) 795-6488

Volunteer Guidelines and Procedures

School volunteers are at the heart of a vibrant school community, and we hope you will consider volunteering this year!
SRVUSD is implementing a new comprehensive, electronic Volunteer Management System starting this Fall. The system features a web-based software application that will allow the district and all schools to better track and provide clearance for school volunteers. It also allows us to expand our criteria and expectations for all volunteers who will come into contact with students. We are customizing the system to provide the District with THREE levels of volunteer clearance and tracking:
  1. Classroom Aides and other on -campus school volunteers: This is the most basic level, and includes a search of the Sex Offender Registry.
  2. Field Trip Drivers : At this level, the District will obtain a 10-year driving history and DMV “Pull Notification” as well as a search of the Sex Offender Registry.
  3. Overnight Chaperones :  We will be conducting background clearances on Overnight Field Trip volunteer applicants. This is the most stringent level of clearance, and all volunteers who wish to chaperone on an overnight trip will be required to go through this process. It includes criminal background clearance through the FBI and Department of Justice. For additional requirements for chaperones who are also driving on a trip, see #2 above.
* Please know that the District will NOT be asking parents to incur the cost of fingerprinting, and if you have been fingerprinted previously for the purposes of volunteering in our schools, you will not need to be fingerprinted again!
This new system will be in place this Fall (August 1) and once you complete your Fall School Registration (Annual Update) process, you will receive more information about the new volunteer process.
We are working hard over the Summer to bring this new system online. In the end, while our requirements have expanded, we believe this will be a much better and more convenient process for everyone!
For more information about volunteering in the District, visit or contact Human Resources at 925-552-2923.