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Contacting Staff

To send an email to a staff member, click on the mail icon next to the staff member's name.


To learn more about our staff members, click on their name to be taken to individual webpages.


Directory & Websites

Contact Evan Powell  Evan Powell Principal
Contact Tami Castelluccio  Tami Castelluccio (925) 855-6810 Office Manager
Contact Christina Grabowsky  Christina Grabowsky Counselor Tech/Registrar
Contact Lauren Haynes  Lauren Haynes Staff
Contact Nancy Mahoney  Nancy Mahoney (925) 855-6817 Counselor
Contact Allison Mulliken  Allison Mulliken Assistant Principal
Classroom Teachers
Contact Rich Abers  Rich Abers Science 8th
Contact Rebecca Bloom  Rebecca Bloom Math 7th
Contact Robin Bovberg  Robin Bovberg Math 8th
Contact Darren Briemle  Darren Briemle Leadership & PE
Contact Kimberly Carter  Kimberly Carter Librarian
Contact Tara Charley  Tara Charley Core 6th & Art
Contact Katie Chivers  Katie Chivers Science 6th
Contact Rae Anne Crandall  Rae Anne Crandall Tech Arts & Robotics
Contact Amy Ertekin  Amy Ertekin Spanish
Contact Lindsey Ferreira  Lindsey Ferreira Band, Chorus, and Drama
Contact Julie Garrahan  Julie Garrahan Core 7th
Contact Lee Gellman  Lee Gellman Core 6th
Contact Kelly Holden  Kelly Holden Core 7 & Foods
Contact Heather Johnson  Heather Johnson Science 7th & Forensics
Contact Mariko Klopstock  Mariko Klopstock PE 6th
Contact Anju Lashkari  Anju Lashkari Health Educator - Tuesdays
Contact Natalie Loflin  Natalie Loflin Teacher
Contact Samson Mai  Samson Mai Staff
Contact Kimberly Marasco  Kimberly Marasco Core 6th
Contact Alicia Martin  Alicia Martin Core 7th & 8th
Contact Aaron Melgoza  Aaron Melgoza Math
Contact Mike Nelson  Mike Nelson PE 7th & 8th
Contact Isamu Nigro  Isamu Nigro Math 7th & 8th
Contact John O Malley  John O Malley Teacher
Contact Michelle Ross  Michelle Ross Core 6th
Contact Jamie Shackelford  Jamie Shackelford Teacher
Contact Julie Strong  Julie Strong Teacher
Contact Heather Tittle  Heather Tittle Core 8th & Video Production
Contact Aundra Tomlins  Aundra Tomlins Resource Teacher
Contact Christine Tyler  Christine Tyler Science 8th
Contact Susan Walsh  Susan Walsh Core 7th
Support Staff
Contact Cecilia Brear  Cecilia Brear Technology Support
Contact Ann Charzuk  Ann Charzuk Child Nutrition Manager
Contact Cathy Fleming  Cathy Fleming Resource
Contact Anju Lashkari  Anju Lashkari Health Educator - Tuesdays
Contact Alyssa Luu  Alyssa Luu Staff
Contact Samson Mai  Samson Mai Staff