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Emergency Contacts

Teen Center        (925) 552-6505

Denalect              (925) 935-2680

Fire Dept             (925) 838-6640

Traffix Bus          (925) 866-8739

Sp Ed Bus           (925) 824-0264

Office Staff

The LC phone is answered by an automatic phone tree that directs calls around campus.  

Please listen to the entire message before selecting an option.  

office staff

855-6800    Los Cerros General Line: Automatic answering system.  Press 6 to reach the office.  

855-6899    Attendance line:  Late students, picking up students, homework requests all go to this line.  

855-6810    Tami Castelluccio, Office Manager:  To reach Tami directly.  

855-6820    Christina Grabowsky, Registrar and Counselor Tech:   To reach Victoria directly

855-6813    Cathy Fleming, Attendance:  To reach Marilyn directly (Attendance calls go to 855-6899).